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im going to explain why i suck so much because obviously i have to explain my life to all of you before you guys stop calling me a troll.

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ok i havent gotten much done at all because i was sick for a while and didnt have the stomach to do much. for one time the moddb page wouldnt load for some reason for me.look im doing the best i can so get off my back i was sick for a while and then one day the internet dcided 'lets stop him from going on to moddb to update his mod page.' But its not all my fault, ok i was hacked into one day and had to unhack it using a firewall and other things. look it all boils down to i suck. so dont expect the mod to be huge and add so many new systems you dont even want to explore all of them like the others (well most of them any way 88flak doesnt add any systems except the nexus wich isnt a real system.) ok im also a lets player on youtube so i have to get my vids recorded for my fans, go to work, sleep with my wife, help the kids,then go online play a little bit, them update my mod in the free time, im just really busy what with the family and the job and the LP's and the FP's and the mod and all so it'll be a while before the next update so dont expect any progress for a day or two.

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