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A new version of the Demo will be released on May 1st! Taking from criticism and my own ideas, I have decided to comb through the First Chapter! Please, PLEASE, report bugs! Thank you to those who gave me criticism. I feel like you were all very fair, and I appreciate your dialogue. I do like to make sure my mod isn't being discriminated against; unfairly though...

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d2 stratigrad 010000

Here are some new features that i have added!


A Green Coated Variant of the Normal Headcrab Zombie. The Boomer is a Zombie that, well, explains itself really... It will be able to kill other zombies in Arenas to tip the balance! Remember! Zombies Fear YOU only!


A Orange Coated Variant of the Fast Zombie. The Flamer will charge at you. Much like a Fast Zombie in all actuality... However; if it gets to close. You'll quickly end up like Vladimir Putin's Wallet! Ouch!


A Teal Coated Variant of the Poison Zombie. Zap will walk at you and try to do what every household appliance does to a baby; electrocute you... He can only throw 1 Head crab at you though. So killing him may be more easy. (Wtf does "may" mean. Ofc it is easier.)


You MAY call me a blatant STEALER! After you hear this one!

The Documents are a non-forced way of world building (tm) You have a choice to explore and find out; what happened here... They have re-occurring characters! But however, I do not want spoil them ALL. But there is a woman called Mandy. And Big Brother! These (and many more) write down what life was like before, during, and aftermath of the Strati-grad Attack!

This is somewhat inspired by Cry of Fear and Outlast. But make sure to explore!


There is a Soundcloud where I upload my music! Check it out! (Note that it is unfinished, and will look incomplete.) Stream Man of Argent | Listen to HALF LIFE STRATIGRAD [Soundtrack] playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Stay Tuned! In a short while (Maybe in the next hour or so.) I will release some videos/pictures/music for you to all see and listen..

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