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A new version with various improvements, new features and interface changes are now available. The new build 1364 is necessary to connect to our latest test Server.

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A new version of Red Flag! is now available!

The patch come with some nice new features and improvements in the overall experience. The client 1364 is necessary to connect to our test Server.

Thanks to the players who are testing the game!

Here is the Change-Log :

  • Fixed misinformation of 16,666 meters away in a double KO situations.
  • Fixed bug in command "reconnect" on the console.
  • Fixed erroneous sum of a player stats in some cases.
  • Fixed no heart sound started if the player died from 1 hit.
  • Fixed flickering problem of decals.
  • Added physical effect of expansive wave. ( Players are affected by the blast )
  • Added physical effect of players when they die for shooting. ( Players jump by the effect of the impact of the bullet )
  • Added knife attack. ( Default Key: Space )
  • Added new Post-Process effect: Bloom.
  • Added possibility to change brightness and contrast in game graphics options.
  • Added "Physics Details" in graphics options to remove details like ragdolls, ropes and bullet casings.
  • Added "Dynamic Decals" to only enable / disable decals created in real-time.
  • Added several new controls to customize in the menu of options.
  • Removed some unnecessary load of Media.
  • Improved handling of sounds volumes.
  • Now heart sound does fade-out while waiting the Respawn.
  • Small adjustments / changes to some in-game effects.
  • Now when Friendly-Fire is disabled bullets do not hit players on the same team.
  • Several optimizations of bullets hit detection.
  • Pump Out sound when changing weapon slot no longer stops.
  • Performance improvements in overall client and server code.
  • Lots of game interface improvements / changes.
    - New HP information on your character and teammates. ( Shift key by default activates / deactivates this information )
    - Tooltip is added to all graphic options.
    - Removed kill information in the center of the screen. Now reported on the side in more simplistic way.
    - Now when you eliminate an enemy a small skull appears over the target player to confirm that you killed him.
    - Added auto-fade system to the interface elements when the cross-hair is near to these.
    - Added possibility to configure opacity in all parts of the in-game interface.
    - Graphics Tab settings Reorganized. ( Now divided into 2 sections )
    - Tab Control Settings Reorganized. ( Now divided into 3 sections )
    - Now ESC key close chat mode.
    - All Game fonts improved to make them more clear.
    - Changed tooltip design.
    - Enhanced list of kills by adding different colors to player, enemies and teams.
    - Several tweaks of in-game graphics. ( Scores table, reload chart, low-ammo graph and several more )
    - Several design changes to console.
  • Added new console commands.
    - r_brightness
    - r_contrast
    - r_physics_fx
    - s_master_vol
    - s_weapons_vol
    - s_footsteps_vol
    - s_ambient_vol
    - r_bloom
    - r_dyn_decals

- Download the FULL CLIENT -
Red Flag! Beta - Full Client 1364

- Download the PATCH 1335 to 1364 -
Red Flag! Patch 1335 to 1364

Red Flag! Build 1364 Red Flag! Build 1364
Red Flag! - Gameplay 1

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