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The Jedi have been defeated and a Empire has risen. The Republic and the Jedi have retreated into unknown space. A New order has Emerged!

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It all started with the betrayal of Dead Ranger which the Dark Lord had suspected he was allied with the Jedi. For months the Dark Lord fed Dead Ranger false information of the Sith Empire. Such as Battle plans, Secret Bases and a bunch of other things. Untill finally the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy which caught both the Jedi and Sith off guard. The Yuuzhan Vong are resistant to all but a few force powers. However there is one they can't escape. It is called Force Hunger and only one had learned it. Darth Nihilius of course he lived over 4000 years ago and barely anyone remembers his name. Anyway the Yuuzhan Vong crushed most Galactic forces. Finally mostly every culture in the galaxy joined and started the Galactic Alliance. (Supposed to be Galactic Federation of Free Aliances) The Galactic Alliance won some critical battles and halted the Yuuzhan Vong advance. However the Yuuzhan Vong after a week of being halted started to push the GA back again. In a last desperate defense of the Galaxy a team was assembled and hurridly build a major super weapon. a biochemical weapon since the Yuuzhan Vong used only Bio Technology. They named this Virus Omega Red. Darth_Ten10dix fired this virus into a major Yuuzhan Vong fleet. Unknowingly the Yuuzhan Vong fleet came back to its main base with the Virus. The Virus quickly spread killed thousands of Yuuzhan Vong. Quickly after the Yuuzhan Vong were pushed out of the Galaxy. After the War the GA stayed in Control. A couple weeks afer the victory over the Yuuzhan Vong they kicked out one of their most infleuntial leaders. Johnboy then left the Sith Empire. He then created The New Empire a force hat was completely against the use of Omega Red. Which was now creeping across the galaxy killing thousands of people forcing many to flee to New Dantooine and planet Sizzle and many other worlds.

The New Empire shortly after its creation declared war on the GA. Quickly 2 people named Kamakaziesniper and Dreadnaught outfitted a hue portion of Johnyboys and his allies fleet with bombs. For those two were traitors. And during the battle of Fondor most of the New Empires fleet was decimated. Johnyboy kicked Kamikaze out of the alliance and fled to planet Sizzle.
Darth-Nagasadow (Originally Nagasadow42) Johnyboys Second in command set up at the new capital planet of The Sith lords; New Dantooine they came with thousands of refugees who had fled the Omega Red Virus and the orginal Yuuzhan Vong conquest of the Core Worlds. Darth_Ten10dix the main commander of intelligence at the GA warned the New Empire that he still had spies in the GA. Johnyboy quickly started his search for the spies and while this was going on Johnyboy tried to make peace with the GA. It was rather contriversial; inevetably the peace accords failed and war resumed. Johnyboy soon decided to trust Kamikaze again and invited him back into the New Empire. Johnyboy just over three days later branded nagasadow a traitor. Nagasadow did not know about this untill the next day which brought him much anger that Johnyboy would accuse him. Darth_Ten10dix was selected as nagasadow's defenses. Even though both of them fought hard to deny that nagasadow was a spy. The trial was seen as corrupted. Johnyboy the judge found nagasadow guilty and was to be sent to be executed on planet sizzle. Unfortunately for Johnyboy nagasadow escaped bringing with him the entire sith fleet. He fled to New Dantooine to bide his time and wait for the moment to get revenge on Johnyboy. Suddenly a new oppurtunity was opened up. Darth_Ten10dix offered nagasadow a major chance to combat the jedi. Nagasadow decided that his revenge on Johnyboy could wait unill later.

The next two days saw a major preparation for war. Nagasadow had gained Darth_Ten10dix's trust and inevetably gained the Dark Lords trust. A week before the sith offically saw that Dead Ranger was a Spy. Dead Ranger left the Sith Empire and left the EOTH(Empire Of the Hand). Which was only a small blow to the Sith Empire. On the second day of nagasadow joining the Sith Empire; the sith launched the attack. nagasadow joined in by attacking planets suc as Tanaab, Hapes, Onderon, and Cardia eventually leading up to one of the wars most horrific battles; Cardia and Chazwa. During these battles other Sith Commanders were out conquering the galaxy as well. Coruscant was left to Darth_Ten10dix the Emperors Hand and the dark lord him self Darth^Xerstorung. It took them less then 3 hours to capture Coruscant. Many Jedi were killed during all these battles others were captured. The entire Jedi Council fled into the Unknown regions.

Head to the war library for battles in the star wars galaxy. They have a very creative team of writers and editors.

Mace-Windu - - 2,364 comments


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Tharnis - - 231 comments

You do know the Sith Empire shall be defeated? And even if they don`t, they`ll just betray you and take all of your assets. Ally yourselves with us, on the other hand, and we`ll make sure you are rewarded...

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Tover87 Author
Tover87 - - 3,181 comments

The Sith Lords are not allied with the Sith Empire. I joined the Sith Empire in my own way. If you want to know our list of enemies and allies head to that news articles. The articles is called Diplomacy. I won't attack Jedi when thay are in my group or even posting. However I will attack them on the Sith Empires page. It's called RPG :)

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Mace-Windu - - 2,364 comments

and why Tharnis would we ever ally our selves with you tell me master jedi wat could you possibly have to offer the sith lords

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Rocko_7 - - 75 comments

Whoa whoa whoa I never said that you would be executed. I said you will be held in detention until proof was found of innocence. Tharnis was a jerk. I will upload a song about Tharnis

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