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Because they exist. Mostly additions to the gameplay, a few bugfixes, et cetera.

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I bet this would work better had I given you a demo version. But, oh no, here is one!
Scribble(WT) Demo

Yeah, it's not very much and admittedly fairly old, which is because I am not going to release another demo. As you can clearly see from the shots in the gallery, there already has been a lot of progress. Too much to write it all down, really. So just what I have added within the last few hours:

  • A second splash screen (it was neccessary for fixing a severe bug, I'll work on that some more)
  • Mouse over - Animations for some of the buttons (namedly, the level buttons. Others will follow.)
  • As shown on the latest shot, a new enemy (tall guy with gun) and a way to defend yourself from him (TNT)
  • For saving space and mainly loading time, the background images are not part of the .exe anymore, but to be found in a separate folder in JPG format. Try not to mess with them when it's released or you may end up with an unplayable game. Bad you.
  • Changed the Controls screen to also show how to use TNT

Sure, it doesn't sound like much, but you can trust me when I tell you that implementing another enemy and especially a weapon wasn't just half a dozen clicks worth of work. Up next are more levels, for there's still nine to draw and put in game.

To say it in the Terminator's words (though without that goofy accent): I'll be back!

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