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Greetings Troopers! In swift retaliation to their loss of a sector of Outer Rim space to the Rebel Alliance in the previous round, this week the Empire came back strong. Fearing the Emperor's displeasure is a powerful incentive indeed it would seem.

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Greetings Troopers!


In swift retaliation to their loss of a sector of Outer Rim space to the Rebel Alliance in the previous round, this week the Empire came back strong. Fearing the Emperor's displeasure is a powerful incentive indeed it would seem.



The Rebel Alliance just don't seem to be able to take a hint, and despite numerous failed attempts, have once more headed for the ice world of Rhen Var, determined to take out the research facility located there. In this case they have deployed a two pronged attack, with an armoured assault taking place simultaneously. Once again the Imperial troops stationed there put up a strong defense, the front line only ever wavering when the invading Rebel Commandos managed to capture the forward guard tower, but never breaking. The Rebels never seemed able to capitalise on the momentum of their advance, and were always pushed back by the subsequent counter attack by the defenders. It seems it just wasn't meant to be.



Where on land the solid training and armoured might of the Imperial military seemed to be serving the Empire well, the wisdom of the technology they employ in space was becoming seemingly less successful. The Rebels more heavily armoured and armed starfighters seem to be causing the Imperial Navy no end of grief. Rebel strike fleets have been invading Taloraan space with impunity. With no Imperial Star Destroyers available in the sector, the Imperial Navy have had to make do with smaller less impressive capital ships, which while they can hold their own against the cruisers that the Rebel Alliance can throw at them, are finding themselves highly susceptible to attack from heavily armed B-Wing and X-Wing starfighters, and with A-Wing interceptors playing havoc with their defensive TIE Fighter screens, in this encounter the Imperial fleet is found wanting once again, with the Imperial picket line destroyed without taking down a single Rebel capital ship. The Emperor won't be happy with that.



Fending off an infantry attack on the opposite ridge, the Imperial forces garrisoned on Rhen Var now found themselves facing a new threat coming across the distant ice plains. Apparently the Rebels were tired of being defeated on Rhen Var, and were now bringing up heavy support in the form of heavily armoured tanks. The Empire were ready for them however, with a column of Firehawke tanks stationed at the ancient Jedi Temple ruins this side of their base. Taking up positions high on the mountainous ridges either side of the plain, the Firehawke's superior long range capabilities made short work of the Rebels' T1-B hovertanks as they attempted to move in on the harbour. Still, a lapse in the defensive screen allowed Rebel troops to gain a foothold there, and the Imperial forces had to fall back to the ruins and make a stand there. Speedy Freerunner troop transports broke through enemy lines under the cover of Mortar Freerunner fire. A beachhead was established at a plaza complex south of the main ruin, but this was quickly quashed by defending Imperial armour. Victory this day belonged to the Empire.

And with that victory the Empire has secured another sector, which means that both teams now control two sectors each, leaving Yavin as the only map left to battle on.


The Empire gained two victories this week with the Rebels achieving one, giving them 25 and 20 points respectively, resulting in this week's scores being:

Imperials 178.5

Rebels 164.5

The Endgame Yavin is worth twenty points, and the losers will take home no points for this round. So with a 14 point difference between each team it is still all to play for. The Rebels will need to field every single player they can possibly get in order to ensure victory. The loser will not gain any points from this map, so the Alliance still has one last chance to win control of the galaxy.

Good luck to both teams. Spread the word and get your players to check the forums and read whatever plans you may have. As this is the final battle of the campaign we will be starting slightly later than normal at 2100 (that's nine o'clock) GMT (UK time). Also, to make this an epic battle worth fighting for, we will be playing the 32 player version of the map but with increased tickets. This means that while the Rebels will have to make more hits on each deflector tower, they will also have more time to accomplish it in.

Now the game is afoot with equal sectors held by both factions, and only one target on the map remaining. So next week will see the final battle of the campaign, and it is going to be a corker. The Death Star is moving in on the Rebel's primary stronghold, and the outcome of the Battle of Yavin shall decide the fate of the galaxy.

If you feel you have the skills to help out either faction in its quest to rule the galaxy, head on over to:


To register for the campaign and restore order/freedom to the galaxy.

Until next time...

See you on the Battlefield Troopers!


Final battle of the campaign will be kicking off shortly, so head on the server now and help decide the fate of the galaxy.

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