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Greetings Troopers! It is a dark time for the Empire. Despite a string of significant victories against the outlaw Rebellion in the Outer Rim, this alliance of malcontents have still managed to secure yet another sector of Imperial space. The Emperor will not be pleased.

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Greetings Troopers!


It is a dark time for the Empire. Despite a string of significant victories against the outlaw Rebellion in the Outer Rim, this alliance of malcontents have still managed to secure yet another sector of Imperial space. The Emperor will not be pleased.



Following the recent surprise assault on an Imperial shield generator base on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor, Imperial reinforcements flooded in to attempt to rectify this breach in security. Platoons of the Emperor's finest reestablished a perimeter around the installation and fended off further attacks by Rebel Commando units, securing a victory this day and redeeming their brethren who had fallen in the previous skirmish, but it was too little too late, the shield generator was under a very real threat of being compromised. It was clear that the battle for Endor was far from over.



After their victory over Parmel and their re-securing of their research facility in that system, the Imperial Navy was intent on reopening supply lines to the sector to better enable them to resupply and reinforce their units on the Outer Rim. Using Kessel as a final way point, a convoy of Imperial bulk freighters was about to make it's way out to the rim to rendezvous with the sector fleet stationed there. Rebel raiders had other ideas however. Acting on intelligence detailing the convoy's intended route, Y-Wing Bombers and A-Wing Interceptors jumped into the system on a mission to disrupt the Imperial supply lines any way they could. The Empire had a surprise of their own in store, TIE Defenders fresh off the production line from the Parmel research station, here on escort duty. The advanced TIE craft formed a near impenetrable fighter screen that the Rebel ships just could not break. In the end their dogged resilience paid off, and one Freighter was destroyed, but the majority of the convoy survived thanks to the ace flying of the TIE Defender pilots, resulting in another victory for the Empire.



The Rebel insertion into the Imperial stronghold on the forest moon of Endor had been a success. Despite heavy reinforcements of crack Imperial troops bolstering the installations defenses, the small Rebel unit managed to achieve their mission objective and destroy the shield generator. With the Imperial forces on the planet scattered and in disarray, Rebel Commandos now patrolled the forest hunting for survivors. One such group had been tempted into coming out of hiding to secure salvageable parts from a Rebel transport which had crash landed in a clearing. the equipment could be their key to getting off world. On reaching the wreckage however they'd find Rebel Alliance forces waiting for them and the result would be a desperate pitched battle as both units attempted to secure the wreckage and the advantageous high ground. The Rebels managed to secure the area and deployed Mk.II repeating blasters on the upper hull of the downed transport allowing them to mow down any approaching Imperial troopers. The battle was fierce, but short lived, and the Rebels managed to secure another key victory, this one gaining them control of yet another sector.


Imperial Holonet News has released this footage from the Outer Rim front lines showing the recent Imperial victories. The footage featuring their defeat however has mysteriously disappeared:

With the Empire once again achieving two victories and Rebels gaining one, the unadjusted scores are 25 and 20 respectively. Due to a technical issue denying the campaign judges access to the game logs, this week we'll have to waive the un-registered players penalty and stick with the scores as above, when added to the previous tally that leaves us with:

Imperials 153.5

Rebels 144.5

Which leaves us with the Imperial faction slowly but steadily increasing their lead. Additionally as we know the Rebels had a few un-registered players last week, and due to this delay, the campaign officials have judged it fairest to deny the Rebels the choice to decide if they wish to attack Yavin or not, and just play the maps of the remaining sector which will result in another sector victory for either faction and lead us naturally on to the endgame that is the Battle of Yavin.

So the penultimate round of the campaign will take place at:

Rhen Var: Research Facility

Battle of Taloraan

Rhen Var: Ice Plains

So this means that Sunday the 24th will be the final night of the campaign, as either way after this weekend Yavin will be the only part of the galaxy left to fight for. So, Imperials have a chance this week to extend their lead going in to Yavin. Rebels will need to scrape every point they can in order to make sure they can win on Yavin and take control of the galaxy.

This week is without a doubt the most critical one to play for, call on every member of your team to show up folks!

If you feel you have the skills to help out either faction in its quest to rule the galaxy, head on over to:


To register for the campaign and restore order/freedom to the galaxy.

Until next time...

See you on the Battlefield Troopers!


Good games tonight, could have still done with greater numbers, but was fun never the less. Was also nice to get in a few non-official games after the campaign matches had been played. We reminded ourselves how good 32 player Ryloth and Bandomeer is, we should definitely play these more, perhaps for the next campaign we should use the 32 player maps instead of the 16?

Oh, and we also put paid to the myth that Rebels cannot win Rhen Var: Research 16 player tonight, with the Imperial team taking the Rebel faction out for a little apres campaign spin, and yes, we won the map as Rebels, so yeah, it isn't easy, but it can be done.
So now we can look forward to the endgame of the campaign next week, with just the one official map to be played. Yavin.

See you there.

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