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We're very happy to show the first teaser of RealMYHA, a Full3D remake of my free game of 2016.

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Original article ("Three new games coming from Black Cube universe")

In RealMYHA, players control a Tongolian cosmonaut from the planet Terra, who is sent to the moon to investigate when an unknown distress beacon is received. Upon your arrival, however, the only thing you find is a mysterious Black Cube that suddenly teleports you to "an island in a faraway world: a moon named Myha."

Announcement Teaser:

If the name Myha sounds familiar, that's because it was originally developed in just ten days by Simon Mesnard (ASA: A Space Adventure, The Black Cube series) for the Myst Game Jam and publicly released for free last year. Like Myst gave way to realMyst, Myha is now being converted to a full 3D adventure from its original node-based incarnation. RealMYHA promises "more realistic graphics, new textures, dynamic lighting, [and] day/night cycles." But this is not simply a mechanical upgrade to the Unreal4 engine. The remake, spearheaded by RoonSehv's Denis Martin, will also include an original new soundrack, plus "new puzzles and ideas [to] make the game longer and more impressive, and you'll have once again to rely on your precious notes and ingeniousness to discover the secrets of this world."

The goal is to release RealMYHA sometime in 2018, but a Kickstarter is planned in order to bring the game to fruition. To learn more about the project, visit the official website for additional details.

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