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Hey guys, we have just decided to start again on all of the mine and facility.

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When we started the mod, we thought it would stay at two members, and everyone after that would be the last member. Well, then we grew to have 6. Due to the fact it was harder to communicate, we kind of just "let loose" and asked for random mining maps. Well, it didnt work out, mainly because everyone had their own seperate style, which is great, but made very uneven gameplay. Tons of half-finished maps just floated around, completley different. So now, Assassin17 and Raider7 (me) are going to plan the basic premesis of the mine section of the mod. Hopefully with prefabs and set goals we can become a far more even and interesting mod.



I noticed that there was some difficulty coordinating everyone's efforts, and personally, I'm behind this decision 100%.

Although it may initially seem like a setback, but once you guys have establish a solid foundation and direction with everyone on the same page, it's going to start falling together very nicely(and much more quickly). You guys are all very good at what you do, and your going to turn out a fine piece of work.

Had you continued on the previous path, there's a good likelihood it never would have been completed at all. So cheers to a good choice and to the projects success.

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