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This update includes a few new features: Proper textures Exceptionally convenient shopping Unique Class Skills

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That's right folks!
An update to the all famous Ravagers of Time mod.

I'm taking a break from working on it to let you know how it's goin'

I rewrote the level up code to be way more simple, and work in multiplayer.

I transferred over the shopping script from my RTSS mod, so you can now purchase things properly, and never pay for more than you need.

I changed the shops into objects so the game doesn't rely on sector triggers, and thus can handle an unlimited number of shops with no scripting.

I've included a multiplayer PvP mode, and have been able to play crash free - as long as only 1 player is shopping at once.

I've included a PvP template map with everything you need to make your own adventure.

I gave the archer a level 6 bonus.

I gave the level 6 Knight some epic new armor.

I replaced the animated .gif textures.

To do:

I'm going to make another PvP map, or maybe 2.

Maybe I'll try to fix the MP shop crashing bug.

I'm going to add a few more secret bonus features that I will not tell anyone about, but that will blow you away.

I might make Ravagers of Time no longer separate from Meteor 2 - currently you can play it without loading the base folder (you can not load the base folder by naming it anything but base).

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