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Details about the upcoming Rapture Inc. Reboot, which will be happening over the coming months.

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My name is Chris [CTCB], and I've taken this project over, and I'm starting my work on Rapture Inc. with a full reboot. As you might already see, the download for Rapture Inc. and all of the news, pictures, videos. etc. have been removed, ready for a fresh sort-of-new sort-of-old mod to take it's place, and this will be happening over the coming months.

Here's something you should know: Around 80-90% of the mod's original assets (such as maps, models, audio, etc.) will either be majorly edited or scrapped completely from the mod, and the things that won't change will probably go through some changes too, here or there.

Here's some of the changes I'm hoping to make:
1.) I'm going to be rewriting the story, to make it less linear and open-ended how the game is approached, as well as adding extra content and chapters, especially exploring the Main Character's Life before the events of "Rapture".

2.) I'm hoping to tweak and edit a lot of the backstory of "Rapture", and how everything works in Rapture. I'm also hoping to make sure that "Rapture" is not the focus of the game, but one piece of the story, instead.

3.) I'm hoping to tone down the level of Jump Scares in the game, and give it a more creepy and eerie feel, with a lot of ghost sightings and stuff, just to add to the whole feel of the game, as well as this I'm hoping to make the Horror feel more "Alive" in the game. (Imagine walls that live).

That's what I'm hoping to do, and I'm going to get back to doing it, and I'll try and update this from time to time. I really hope you will stick around, and get involved with the new Rapture Inc. I'll look forward to reading the comments about how much you like or dislike these changes.

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