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Once you become a Gray Jedi, contribution and impressive action will see you ranking up.

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"My belief is that rank has no meaning, and power and skill should decide the outcome of a battle, not title."
-Grand Master AK151

Ranks begin after a Gray Jedi's training is complete, with the exception of the Gray Padawan. You do not have to be a certain rank to train another Gray Jedi, you merely have to pass your training. The ranks are as follows:

Gray Initiate: No former training whatsoever. People who have joined the group start out as initiates.
Gray Padawan: Training has started, but has not been completed.
Gray Knight: Training has been completed. At this stage, you can choose a class to specialize in.
Gray Jedi Class: You have chosen a class for yourself.
Gray Master: You have proven yourself by contributing greatly to the group.
Gray Jedi Class Leader: You have demonstrated extensive knowledge of your class, and have also contributed greatly.
Grand Master: You have proven yourself with numerous contributions, and have shown yourself to be a charismatic and wise leader. Must have a majority vote. Grand Masters sit on the high council.

Members and Their Ranks
Grand Masters


Gray Jedi Masters

Gray Knights

Gray Padawans

Gray Initiates

Privileges of Your Rank

Gray Initiate:
-Accepting and inviting members into the group
(Level: Member)

Gray Knight:
-Accepting and inviting members into the group
-Adding and editing media such as videos, sounds, and images
(Level: Contributor)

Gray Master:
Group Privileges:
-Accepting and inviting members into the group
-Adding and editing media such as videos, sounds, and images
-Adding and editing news articles
(Level: Contributor)

Grand Master:
-Accepting and inviting members into the group
-Adding and editing media such as videos, sounds, and images
-Adding and editing news articles
-Adding and editing downloads
(Level: Manager)

All of the above ranks can be achieved with enough work, but the Grand Master rank is a bit different. When a Gray Jedi is ready to ascend to the rank of Grand Master, the members of the group will vote on whether they are ready or not. If they vote yes, the Gray Jedi will become a Grand Master. If they vote no, the aspiring Grand Master must work to earn the prestige of his colleagues.

The Grand Masters form a council. If there is only one Grand Master, then the two other highest ranking Gray Jedi shall form the council with said Grand Master. This council will decide on actions taken by the council. Our decisions can be influenced by the other members in the group. If a great deal of members want us to make a certain decision, we will take it into account, and depending on the number of members supporting said decision, we will either support it or reject it. Keep in mind that the council will always do what is right for the group and its members. If a Grand Master suggests things that could prove harmful to the group and continues to do so, he will be ejected from the council and stripped of his Grand Master rank.

To rank up, you simply have to contribute. Do so, and you will climb the ranks. Simple as that.

Ten10dix - - 6,421 comments

Nice, but I suggest making more ranks. 3 ranks isn`t enough. Don`t overso it though. I think the classes should be counted as ranks. Once a Aprentice becomes a Gray Knight, he/she should chose a path (class). The Council should be formed of the leaders of the different branches. Since you are already leader of the intelligence one, you need 2 more members to occupy leaders of Combat and The Force. Thats just my opinion though >.<.

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AK151 Author
AK151 - - 5,600 comments

I'll take your considerations into account, as their logic is sound. My first idea was to have sub-ranks for the different classes, but I thought that would be too much.

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Darth_grave - - 1,697 comments

ill try to rank up perhaps

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