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didn't think that anyone would make an Isengard page so I added it to Mordor instead ISENGARD HAS BEEN UNLEASHED!

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Once again, one's in bold are minor and one's in bold and underlined are major
A is armored
UA is Un-armored
Greatest to least
Start as orc lumberer

Saruman (Leader): Lord_of_Pain

Guardian of the Orthanc 10 only (Commands no one): FREE

Sharku (Warg Captain): FREE

Wormtounge (Spy of Isengard): FREE

Lurtz (Shares the same ranks as Ugluk): Bounty_Hunter_Durge

Ugluk (Shares the same ranks with Lurtz):FREE

Grishnak (Orcs of the White Hand leader): FREE

Lugburz: FREE

Warg Rider:


A Uruk-hai Swordsmen:

A Uruk-hai Spearmen:

Uruk-hai Death bringers(5 only(somekind of advanced berserker):

A Uruk-hai Crossbowmen:

Uruk berserker:

Balista Uruk:

(Survivors) Uruk Hunters of the One Ring (19 only):

UA Uruk-hai Swordsmen:

UA Uruk-hai Spearmen:

UA Uruk-hai Crossbowmen:

Orc of the White Hand:

Orc lumberer:

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Isengard is unleashed at 3019 TA

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i should be saruman

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