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Basic list of Mordor Ranks. I hate required 50

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From highest to lowest you start as orc slave BOLD AND UNDERLINED ARE A MAJOR ROLE Bold is minor

The Great Eye (Need ring for Physical Form) (Leader):ME

Nine Nazgûl (in order of ranking)

Witch-King (Warlord and conqueror of Mordor(Leader of Minas Morgul):

Khamûl the Black Easterling (Commander of the northern troops and leader of Dul-Guldor(Can also
command Easterlings of any rank besides the Emperor): FREE

Ji Indûr Dawndeath (Guardian of the Black Gate):FREE

Akhórahil the Blind Sorcerer: Chernobog

Ren the Unclean:FREE

Uvatha the Horseman:FREE

Dendra Dwar:FREE

Hoarmûrath of Dir:FREE

Adunaphel the Silent:FREE

Mouth of Sauron:FREE

Gothmog, the Lieutenant of Minas Morgul:FREE

Shagrat and Gorbag (two different people of same ranks): FREE(Shagrat) and FREE(Gorbag)

Kastellan of Dol-Guldor (4 only): FREE FREE FREE FREE

Battle Troll:

Mountain Troll:

Drummer Troll:

Black Uruk:

Orc of Barad-Dur:

Orc of Minas Morgul:

Orc of Dol-Guldor:

Orc of the Morannon:

Black Orc:

Orc Archer:

Orc Captain (5 only):

Orc Warrior:


Orc Slave:

Please correct me with Nazgul names

You will be PM by me and asked if you want promotion...
...either stay or accept

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Khamul can't command the orcs of Minas Morgul as he is only the leader of Dol Guldor
You can only command if:
You are a captain (only those below you and of the same kind) and if you're an orc captain you can only be able to command orcs not Black Numernorians and Southrons\Haradrim
If you are Nazgul (Nazgul that aren't specific can command everything besdes: The one's in bold (unless you are thw witch king of course you could command the other nazgul) Mouth of Sauron Gothmog etc.)

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rattlehead2047 - - 32 comments

in the bfme2 rise of vitchking is Morgomir one of nazguls

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