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Lots of progress has been made on the engine to generate the random levels that include both solution path and dead ends with random chances for treasures to generation. Additionally, the first level boss fight has been started that will test the players dodging and fighting skills.

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Level Generation Progress
Overall, there has been a lot of progress with the random level generation. The solution paths are completed, so there is always a path from the bottom of the level to the top of the level. Random off-shoots are generated from the solution path that lead to different dead ends. Players will be encouraged to explore behind locked doors and dangerous-looking paths knowing there is a chance for some good loot on the other side, like weapons and abilities upgrades.

First Boss Battle
At the top of the level there will be a door (if the player can find it) that will lead to their first boss battle. Progress has just started on this, but hoping to balance the difficulty in a way that will be really challenging for the player (not able to complete it the first time), but not unfair (rewarding them for developing the skills to fight against the various patterns). This has been more challenging that expected, but an extremely important part of the game feel.

More to Come
Overall, the progress has been steady and hope to have a full first level ready for testing in the coming weeks/months. Keep an eye out for future updates.


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