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When two team's get together, who know's what will happen?

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Beginning of something new..

Rampant Studios (link), a small Indie game development group with a lack of artist but an abundance of programming talent meets Bamboo Raven (link), a small Indie game development group with a lack of programmers but an abundance of artistic talent, all thanks to the help of Adam Boyes.

As were both in the same boat, albeit other sides of it, we decided to team up and work on a project together. We can't reveal exactly the project is that we are making, other than this will be our first collaboration and our hopes are set high.

I recently started blogging about Rampant Studios here, detailing our progress through the game industry and listing anything that's happening with us.
So far working with Bamboo Raven is great, they are very professional and know their trade, so far they have made some great concept artwork for our rough characters and not to mention that their portfolio work is amazing, seriously you should check it out.

The progress so far..

On the development side of things, we've set-up the game environment, created the Game Design Document and right now I am finalising the story for the project. The project we are working on will be a slightly cartoon-ish game with graphics that Bamboo Raven describe as Tim Burton meets Disney, we will have a slightly askew humour within the game along with a lot of character development.

What about the other work?

I've decided to take 28 Carrots Later on as my own personal project, as Rampant Studio's never really had anything to do with it as I was the only programmer on it. This does not mean that the project will be swept under the rug and forgotten but more of my focus will be on our title with Bamboo Raven than the non-commercial game that is 28 Carrots Later.

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