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This is the first dev blog for Radical Relocation!

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This is the first dev blog for the expansion of Radical Relocation.

Radical Relocation is a game we made for Ludum Dare 40. The idea is that you have various ‘cargo items’ that you have to transport using your car - except you can’t put items in your car, only on the roof. You then have to carefully drive while balancing a tower of items on the roof. You win when you reach the end with all the items without them falling off.

Having completed Don’t Drive Drunk, we are now working on expanding Radical Relocation to include more content and levels, as well as fixing issues and bugs. Once this is done our goal is to get it onto steam.

In a nutshell, there will be 3 seasons each with 16 levels for early access. Each season will have a unique cargo items, vehicles, and environment. We will also include an early access map that gives the player access to all vehicles, cargo items, and maps at once.

Next week we can hopefully start sharing screenshots of our progress. At this stage, there isn’t really much to show yet.



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