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On Tuesday, 2010-10-20 at 20:10 PM the latest version of racesow will be released and also will switch to racesow 0.5

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On Tuesday, 2010-10-20 at 20:10 PM the latest version of racesow will be released and also will switch to racesow 0.5


Racesow is a popular race modification for the first person shooter Warsow, developed since 2006. It is the ultimate Warsow racing experience, designed for both new and experienced players. Racesow is played by over 10,000 active players, the community website ( has 1,000 registered members.

Physics of the game are faithful to Warsow base physics, and were only carefully optimized to enable better tricking and racing. Racesow is supported by Racenet, a friendly and competitive racing community (<). A high-end database system was coded for Racesow to enable real-time statistics over a network of game servers.

Today the racesow team consists of six active developers and many people from the community are helping us in several ways.

Racesow Facts

  • Highend lag-free statistics engine
  • 100% realtime ingame and website stats
  • Comprenhensive rankings and statistics
  • Nickname registration/protection
  • Race and Freestyle modes
  • Mostly basewsw physics
  • Weapons optimized for tricking
  • Gameservers network support
  • Race-Overtime feature
  • Admin commands
  • Many useful commands and features

The Warsow Racenet

The official Racesow statistics can be found at
With the launch of Racesow 0.5 all statistics will be reseted. This also means that we will remove the old 0.42 servers. The old stats will be made available at some time.
The following racesow gameservers are connected to these statistics and are hosed by "Racesow Trusted Admins"

How to play Racesow?

Simply have the latest warsow version installed and join a server running the mod "racesow". You may filter for the "race" gametype in the serverbrowser.

Become a Trusted Admin

Your can host your own racesow servers connected to your own database with the possibility of having an own stats website.
Your racesow servers can also be connected to the global stats. To achieve this you need to become a Trusted Admin.
Joining #racenet@quakenet IRC is the first step to become a Racesow Trusted Admin. We are especially looking for admins able to host dedicated Racenet servers from outside of Europe.

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