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The third race making an appearance in StarLife is rock-like Krom.

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Built like rock and indeed made of rock, the Krom are a most peculiar species. How could such a race evolve is anyone’s guess. Some scientists have put out a theory that they were artificially created, by a ridiculously advanced race, as some sort of terramorphing device. The way they affect planets confirms this speculation.
Krom do need food for sustenance like carbon-based species. However, their bodies erode and deteriorate with time. To counterbalance the losses and survive, they have to absorb rocks or other forms of stone from the planet they live on. While a single Krom’s impact is hardly noticeable, a whole colony can have disastrous results. A planet once bursting with life is reduced to a lifeless husk within no more than a hundred years. Due to their way of feeding, others treat Krom with distrust at best and outright hostility at worst.However, this also has its advantages. Extreme heat or extreme cold, toxic gases or a complete lack of atmosphere – Krom pay no heed. In battle, they are relentless and nearly indestructible. Nothing can stand in their way. Silicon-based morphology affects also their psychological side. With life expectancy measuring up to thousands of years, their perception of time vastly differs from other races. A word to describe their personalities is ‘ponderousness’. They are slow to anger, or indeed to show any feelings, and also extremely conservative. According to Krom, everything is perfect in its current state, and any deviations from it are met with absolute prejudice.


Worldeaters – Krom need not grow food, for they consume the very land they walk on. A colonized planet slowly deteriorates until it’s no longer habitable. Then, the Krom must leave and find a new source of nutrition. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make them popular with other races.Ponderous – they aren’t exactly stupid, they just think slowly. In fact, they do everything at a crawling pace. Research rates are below average.

Silicon-based – Krom are tough. Really, really tough. They have no equal in close combat and conquering their planets in a ground campaign is virtually impossible. Additionally, this species can colonize any type of planet and doesn’t suffer penalties on inhospitable words.

Built like a brick – Ships of the Krom Armada are created from the same material as their bodies. This not only makes them the sturdiest vessels in the galaxy, but also gives the possibility of rapid hull regeneration, even in battle – however, at the expense of speed.

Krom are a tough race to handle. They aren’t especially good at diplomacy or research, and eating planets prevents from creating a stable empire. But once they’re set, they are hard to budge.

AI Personality calm, peaceful


Do they know the riddle of steel? Reminds me of the Iron Man.

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