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Some cool quotes and alternative Jedi, Grey Jedi, and Sith codes I found on the internet or came up with myself. I don't take credit for any of the codes listed here.

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Revised Sith Code:

Peace is a lie, there is only Pain.
Through Pain, there is inner Fear.
Through Fear, there is Hatred.
Through Hatred, Power is born.
Through Power, I gain Focus.
Through Focus, Loyalty is limitless.
Through Loyalty, I gain victory.
Through Victory, my chains are shattered.
The Darkness, shall make me whole.

The Shadow Jedi:

Neither dark nor light, but both all the same.
Neither hero nor villain, but both all the same.
Neither balanced nor chaotic, but both all the same.
Neither alive nor dead, but both all the same.

He or she can hate and love,
He or she walks the thin path between the sides.
Hated by the Sith, scorned but the Jedi,
May not even be accepted by ones like them.

They don't have the heart to do dark things,
They don't have the will to do light things,
They are nothing but shadows,
They are invisible to the universe.

There is no code for them,
There is no faith,
There are no laws,
There are no explainations.

No one dares to speak of them.

The Grey Jedi Code:

There is no good,
There is no evil,
There is only balance,
Through balance,
I gain focus,
Through focus,
I gain discipline,
Discipline provides control,
With control,
I gain knowledge,
Knowledge is the key to Understanding


"Peace and War, Justice and Vengeance, Light and Dark. Could we know one without the other? If we deny one, will the other lose value? How could we appreciate the Light, if we did not know... did not fear the shadows? The Unknown? How could we appreciate the Darkness, if there was no Light to expose the demons inside us? The ugly creatures we really are..."

"All these things exist at once. Not in harmony, not in chaos, but both at once. To deny one of these aspects is to deny oneself. To reject your demons is to deny a part of what makes you who you are. To deny conscience is deny your humanity. If you deny your own humanity, than what are you in the end? A beast? A creature that relies on instinct to survive this harsh universe? To deny these things is to deny one's own individuality. What separates us from beast. What makes us unique and whole. Light and Dark completes us. Balance is what makes us whole... and sets us free!"


These are better than the Jedi and Sith codes.

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