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Quake Wars: Tactical Assault v0.3.3 has been released!

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Quake Wars: Tactical Assault is a mod that seeks to transform Enemy Territory: Quake Wars into a more realistic experience, more in line with the preview videos of ETQW that were shown before the game's release.

This latest release of QWTA includes changes to the weapon behaviours ingame, modelling the GDF weapons after their real-world counterparts(Higher damage, higher ROF, greater accuracy when aimed.), and tweaking the Strogg weapons to remain competitive with this more lethal arsenal.
Also included this release is the Abaddon Hovertank, sporting a Plasma Beam and Flamethrower:

Which is a companion vehicle to the Jupiter Assault Tank(Which has been in QWTA for several versions.), mounting the famous BFG10k:

This release of QWTA also includes improved blood and gore, and fixes for issues discovered in QWTA v0.3.2, as well as miscellaneous tweaks based upon player feedback. (A full changelog is posted on the QWTA homepage.)

Other features that will be familiar to existing QWTA players include:

  • A Quake 4-style Hyperblaster, with lockon capability.
  • A Quake 4-style Dark Matter Cannon, with gravitational effects.
  • The messiest blood and gore effects of any ETQW mod.
  • Class Liimts restricting players from spamming a single class.
  • Advanced Vehicle Drops allow all vehicles to be called in, using the QuickChat Menu.
  • BaseETQW bugfixes.
  • And many more! See the QWTA homepage for details...

Hope to see you ingame!


Well done, I really love the flame thrower of the tank, its one of the most realistic flamers i've seen in games and reminds me on the old crocodiles from WW2.

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Still awesome.

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I assume that YouTube video has some pretty crazy audio compression issues going on.

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Azuvector Author

Yeah, they're captured with Fraps instead of doing them properly. :P Very low quality.

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nice bfg effect

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