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Another quality of life update to increase both speed and ensure stability.

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What a week!
Last weekend and the week that went by have seen the biggest surge of new players since we released DragonEvo. Not only did we have to unlist our mailservers from spamfilters who supsected us for being a spambot, we also had to scale up the server just to be sure that we had enough computing power for all players. It’s been really fun playing with all of you who have been online, and this patch brings some much needed gameplay improvements that has caught our attention.

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A visual representation of our server

Visual changes & Speed

Having added more actions, animations and ingame events during the last few months, several parts of the game have felt a bit “laggy”. But not anymore! We’ve made made some changes both to how events are handled and displayed, and you will notice an increase in event/action performance ingame. Everything from attacking and exploding to moving around cards have been sped up.

Damage stacking & Damage display:

In addition to speeding up events and actions, damage now displays much much more clearly:

Damage now stands out much clearer

We also made change to damage that comes in succession , such as repeat attacks, which now stacks. So instead of showing 5+5+5, in will rapidly grow 5 – 10 – 15 to show the “final” damage value.

Balancing changes

This weeks balancing changes are the following

  • Notable general changes
    Lowered cost for regular cards, increased for higher tier
  • Card packs
    – Removed ALL potions from card pack 4 for better reward yield
    – Removed ALL potions from card pack 3 for better reward yield
  • Rutai:
    Tweakead ranged attack for Lancer

New cards

We have added a new action for the “Rutai Captain” this week, as well as added a new world card, the “Chest of gold

A simple way to add more units to your deck

Chest of gold. You just need someone to open it

Next up:

As we spoke about in our last patch update the May patch will introduce the first faction locked adventures. 1 Adventure for Rutai & Hologev and another one for the Highwinds. This means you must have a hero in that faction to be able to play it. This is the first step towards improving our Faction adventure experience. As the game progresses you will find more and more features specialized for your chosen faction.

We will also add some more features from 1.2 – Floating carrot into the game.

Invitation and notification emails

Perhaps not the most exciting news, but even though several parts of the game had received an overhaul, the old invitation link from pre-alpha stayed the same since we began developing DragonEvo. But not anymore. What do you think?

Old invitation email on the left, new in black


  • Updated tutorial “the basics”
  • Better log topics
  • Backend: New full HTML stylished invitation and reminder email
  • Backend: Timezone config
  • Backend: Support for Server auto-upgrade
  • Backend: Statistic and unsubscribe notification emails


We’ve released the game to download through

Currently available for Linux & Windows (mac release planned)

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