Q&A about Max Payne modification "Back To School: My worst day"

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Q: Wow! That looks great! How many levels this mod will have?
A: One. I'm for quality over quantity. Plus this one is pretty big one. Not in terms of gameplay time but in terms of size.

Q: So this will be one time release?
A: No. I'm releasing the first demo and then will be updating regularly with adding new pieces of location.

Q: So the level is not done yet?
A: Generally it is done completely. But i'm including only those parts that are polished in releases.

Q: How long were you doing this mod?
A: I started this one in early 2020. But i'd been modding for Max Payne since 2004, just weren't releasing anything.

Q: You got some kind of daylight on MAX-FX engine. It is know to be not capable of doing that...
A: Yeah, that was pain in the ass. But being inventive makes miracles.

Q: Where are you from?
A: From Ukraine. Stop the agression of terrorist state - russian federation.

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