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Here i answer to your questions,so here we go,so prepare yourselves.

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Here i answer to your questions,so here we go.

1.Q:In Legions War i watched what land well detailed but objects and other details is not enough to answer why?

A:I gradually add's this because Low and Medium PC has low FPS,if a lot then slower remember this.For strong computers is not a problem but I also care about Low\Medium PC,because they too want to play.Plus a large number of objects infests the visibility of the player before I do so the player didn't worry about it and focused on the battle.

2.Q:FTFire hello,please tell me why numbers of legionnaire's so little?

A:Hello,i release a new legionere if other things of game has finished,and don"t forget this is CBT stage.

3.Q:Whats about the Server?

A:I has many problems with this but this doesn't matter what server not working,i'm testing many features.Anyway check status here if online then server work.

4.Q:Can i be a beta tester?

A:Sure,send message to my email or send me pm.

5.Q:I have an error when loading auto-update and after restarting writes that the latest version.

A:In current situation,this problem cuz of host,please after this never don't restart launcher.I'm currently work for this problem and in next update fixes this.

6.Q:How me play in your game,servers is offline...

A:In your Cabinet press button "Battle with Friends",and just press Play or go to Legions War main folder and find Legions War.exe then launch this.

7.Whats about community?How i can to participate in this?

A:Only peoples create a community,devolper just give start to this,this depends on the people themselves.Invite friends,create a forums what dedicated to the Legions War,and create fan base of some arts,especially the more people's will hear and join to you.

If you have some questions then send me pm or to my email,then in next Q\A Talk i answer on your question.

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