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I'm sure you guys are desperate to find out more about the mod so we have done a Q and A for ya.

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Q: With the latest beta coming out 'very soon' can we expect a Christmas release?
A: Well, it should be released Christmas day, unless there's some kind of file upload problem or something.

Q: What have you added in this beta?
A: New skins and particle effects, courtesy by Ulmont.

Q: Does the multiplayer now work?
A: We haven't changed multiplayer at all yet, so probably no.

Q: Can we expect any big plot twists?
A: In this release? No. In the final release? Definitely.

Q: Have you got any other new releases planned?
A: We don't have any new releases planned currently, apart from this one.

Q: Do you need any more members with expertise?
A: Yes. Voice actors and animators, mainly.

Q: How can I join Carbonite Modders?
A: Create an account on LucasForums ( and go to this link ( and follow the instructions. You could also apply for a job by sending an email to

Q: Who are the members of Carbonite Modders?
A: Currently, we have 25 members total, and around 13 have been active.

Q: Where can I track your progress?
A: Ulmont and a couple others have been posting updates here. (

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