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Some important news, a small piece of media, and of course some confirmation that we are still among the living.

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Hello everybody, this is Master of Hiddenry here just to bring some news. Although we haven't updated in over a year, we are still working to get this mod released.

I'll start off with the news:

Explorer7, who is the founder and leader of the mod, will be stepping down indefinitely for academic reasons, and I will be taking his place for the time being. For the most part I will still be concentrating on the level design, with the added responsibility of organizing the team and solidifying ideas, and perhaps some sound work. On a similar note, Joe Rogers, one of our level designers, has been away from modding recently because of employment, but will return in about a month.

We finally have a working base mod to use at the moment thanks to our programmer Booers, who also has sorted out a number of bugs. However, there is much more to be done, such as a code-based inventory system, which is proving to be tricky. If anyone could help create and implement an inventory system, feel free to send a PM or leave a comment about it.

And with that, I'll leave you all with a screenshot of the near complete version of the warehouse level that we showed a while back. Puzzles are fully implemented and only minor things have to be adjusted. That's about it for now. We will keep you updated as more news happens.

Warehouse Level

DoctorCheese - - 254 comments

I just leaked a little from my wee wee. It was not, however, pee pee.

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Held - - 331 comments

Sorry I don't get it

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Lockdown323 - - 275 comments

In other words he ********** slightly after reading through the news post and/or viewing the image included.

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Ryswick17 - - 416 comments

Nope still not following you here.

Should he see a doctor?

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(Exchange) - - 183 comments

Let me simplify it for you.
He came.

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madcat1030 - - 245 comments

From? I'm just as lost as mister Ryswick...


But seriously, nice stuff.

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zonbie - - 1,299 comments

you need a little tee-pee for your wee-wee? tee-hee!!

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