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The public beta is now available for download on the downloads page, read for details!

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Pre-Release Public Beta v1.0

It is my pleasure to finally release a Public Beta version of the Unofficial Expansion Pack. I know many of you have been waiting patiently since it was first announced, and hopefully you'll find it all paid off!

You can download the installer from the following locations. Note that ONLY an installer is available at the moment, and it is NOT extractable with 7-zip in an "extract-over-root" format.
Run the installer as you would any other, read the license agreement and install.
(Note: The installer takes a few seconds to initialize properly and may appear to take a while before it begins, depending on your system specs).

{Note: Links may take a while to become active, use BZScrap for best results}

Please note that this is NOT the final version of this project, and is a pre-final release Public Beta. I will be releasing patches in the form of "Title Updates" over the course of this beta's life so the public can further test the changes we make and help to improve the final product. Please report any and all bugs you find no matter how small in this thread, so we can work to fix them. Included with this installer is a document of the major currently known bugs, which you can access by going into your newly created start menu shortcuts.

Local Mod Manager
Local Mod Manager is an application designed to allow users to easily install local-system mods. These may range from texture improvements for multiplayer to new HUD features. To browse and install the list of Local Mod's contained with this release, launch LMM from the finish page of the installer or double-click the 'Local Mod Manager' icon on your desktop. Local mods must be configured before you launch the game in order to take effect, and to not cause bad assets in MP.

Be sure to try out the ISDF/Scion teamcolors and new HUD layouts!

Documentation Included:

  • License Agreement
  • Release Notes
  • List of major currently known bugs
  • Layout chart for TJ's Audio NewKeys (LMM Mod)
  • Manual for Dogfight MP Mode
I want to thank all those who at some point have contributed to the creation of the UEP, this wouldn't have been possible without a dedicated community to feed from! I hope it was worth the wait.

- TheJamsh
TheHappyCrusader - - 45 comments

Awesome! Downloading now. And cograts on the pre-release! :)

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TheJamsh Author
TheJamsh - - 24 comments

Having some issues uploading to MODDB at the moment, use the BZScrap Image Link for a moment until the problem is resolved! Thanks :)

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Ded10c - - 21 comments

It's been quite a journey and it's good to see it released at last, in any form. However, there will hopefully be more to come. Stick around.

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dj_LEFULL - - 59 comments


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Nielk1 - - 62 comments

I have mixed feelingly, mostly telling me we need a public bug-tracker because it is going to EXPLODE.

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rhynee - - 6 comments

On the instant the map high and low the warship variant doesn't work.

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