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This mod's aim is to let the PC players of Shadow of Memories play and listen to the PSP Re-dub which was previously exclusive to the PSP, but now it's available on the PC too. Though the extra features that were on the PSP version could not be put into the PC version.

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A List of Notes I made while making the mod:

Alot of the sentences remain the same but some lines had small changes such as changing a word or two.

The Digi-pad is now called the Z-Pad, with the Z standing for Zeit which is German for time. I like the Digi-pad better because it reminds me of Digimon.

The radio ad is noticeably louder in the re-dub.

When the assassin tries to kill Eike while he's watching the juggler, the re-dub added background noise of the crowd cheering.

When using lighter or phone they changed "Lord Almighty" to "Good Heaven's", it's not like the original line was offensive or are they just tring to be politcally correct, wouldn't want to offend any muslim's now would we.

They even changed the mobile phone ringing sound and for what reason ? Just for the sake of updating it ?

Mr Eckhart is now just Eckhart.

The Vase smashing sound was also changed.

The pronunciation of the names have been corrected.

The camera sound effect is changed to a modern sounding one but the camera is from 1902, so why is the sound effect more modern ?

The dub actor for the death sequence is changed to a distorted voice in the re-dub but Eike does it in the original version.

The Lady which gives you the map only says the map key is the square button, but in the original version the woman says a variation depending on which key you have the map button set to.

Cat Collor Don't remember that in the antique store.

You can ask Hugo about your time travel device, don't remember that. Re-dub donesn't have those lines of dialogue. File name: TK_HUGO

There is dialog for the old man and lady before you meet them near the library.

Voice Actor's Noticed
Eike: Yuri Lowenthal
Dana: Laura Bailey
Maragrate: Stephanie Sheh
Old Mother: Laura Bailey (Again)
Hugo: Brian Beacock
Sybilla: Mona Marshall or Stephanie Sheh
Francessen: Michael Lindsay or Tom Fahn
Freckles Guy: Tony Oliver
Child with Mother in 1902: Tony Oliver

Comment on Re-dub voice actors : God I really hate it when they use Anime voice actor's to do video games, especially when their voices don't suit the characters, I mean really did they even looked at them and think that there voice's sound like it would come from them. Though it could be worse it could have Steve Blum in it.

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