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In this another big update, I totally focused at fixing all known bugs. Gladly I can say that I fixed most of them. But I also added some great features. Read full post to check them.

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In this another big update, I totally focused at fixing all known bugs. Gladly I can say that I fixed most of them. Also, server is now faster by around 20-30% becouse I totally simplified it and removed many (now) unused components and controls. Also added minor (but great) thing, and that is sound tile attributes. Now you can for example make campfire and place sound tile near it, and when you will be close to it, you will hear that campfire louder. Also this is implemented to all other map sound sources, so now when someone will be attacking enemy on distant corner of map, you will not hear him as before. With this addition, I rewrote big portion of sound engine. Also added simple cursor engine, what will change your cursor depending on your current action. You can see all cursors in client/data files/graphics/cursors.

With server change, I added there slash commands. They are:

  • /kick (name)
  • /disconnect (name)
  • /motd (motd)
  • /mute (name)
  • /ban (name)
  • /setaccess (name) (access)
  • /shutdown
  • /cps

Also, to send server message, you must put - before it.

Here is (as usual) changelog:

- Fixed when there are no npcs on map if you wan't to select yourself as target then you will error (Credits Notsu for finding it)
- Added MAX_EFFECTS to be loaded from server/config.ini
- Fixed Event Graphic command in Event Editor (for some reason it was never finished)
- Remove Currency item type becoutse it is not more needed when there is stackable items
- Now Menu alert messages are rendered
- Fixed join and left message not displaying for non-admins
- Totally cleaned server window and code. Many of you probably forgot that server should not be fancy, it must be FAST. Even I forgot about it. But now, it is faster, it is cleaner, it is better. As replacement for missing buttons, I added slash commads.
- Now when player casts spell at target, that player is automatically rotated to match targetted player or NPC (same as with projectiles)
- Fixed little bug in Character window
- Rewrote big portion of Fmod class
- Added Sound tile type
- Now sound cache and music cache is populated when game inits
- Now map editor can accept longer music names
- Added checks to Fmod class for stopping music when FMOD is not initialized
- Changed Prospekt icon
- Added some new item icons
- Renamed Fader.png to White.png
- Added different cursors for different actions
- Switched drawing of target hover and selected target
- Added loading screen when receiving map
- Now client values are cleared on load (this will probably fix some odd errors)
- Fixed index definition of the player when send a packet to the client (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed delete button in Shop Editor not doing anything (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed reset shop action being sent to all and not only to target player (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed start spells loop for wrong constant (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed kick command from admin panel not doing anything (Credits Ricardo)
- Fixed player attack timer not resetting (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed wrong variable being used in CanNpcCrit (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed player vitals not being updated after level up (Credits Valentine)
- Fixed drop item scrollbar in NPC editor
- Fixed possibility of buying more items in shop than your invetory space
- Fixed major bug in server side data flooding check
- Fixed initializing of shop editor


New Server
[Image: 975e4eec0025f9c0d17125ac83837fab.png]

Different cursors for different actions
[Image: 663d242b6f1b5525b1b5bb5c2505d787.png]


Prospekt Source v11: Download from Dropbox

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