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PS 4.27 SDK Update and what it means for Shifting Sands.

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Post Scriptum 4.27 Engine Update

As you may be aware Post Scriptum will be going live with the Unreal engine update to version 4.27, (details can be found here). Earlier this month the Development kit was upgraded and we have been working to ensure the mod is updated in line with the engine changes.

During this we have also made efforts to improve existing features with 4.27 version technology such as improved fog and LOD distances, whilst adding some new ones such as Heat Haze and increased vehicle dust FX.

Our work on the Second map Bardia is continuing and will be the main focus for the team for the next month. For example Tyler has been working tirelessly to ensure the many cliff faces that surround the port town are populated with natural looking formations.


Also Angola has been working on some of the buildings that will line the streets of Bardia's Old town, which we look forward to using references such seen here on the left to create an accurate depiction of the town as it was in 1941.

Bardia Mosque

Thanks for your support, we'll have an update with the announcement of when we commence public testing soon!

Shifting Sands Team

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