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A small update with some fixes and additions to build 7 as a prelude to the release of the upcoming build 8.

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Alpha Build 7.1 Changes and Fixes

  • Added Ability to swap primary weapons (you drop the old one and pick up the new one)
  • Added All Enemies now have new graphics.
  • Changed Beamer – Now fires an actual beam
  • Changed Rail Gun – Now fires a forward shot and several backfire shots.
  • Changed Rail Gun backfire shots do more damage than the previous forward spread
  • Changed You now start with the main laser weapon again as was intended rather than the rail gun.
  • Fixed “Of Mice and Tanks” – Now has the correct amount of enemies on normal difficulty.
  • Fixed Mouse leaving screen issues, which will hopefully fix other mouse issues as well.
  • Fixed Enemy Pathing – Made some improvements but still needs work. Pushers are mostly broken at the moment.
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