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For all you PROXY fans and potential PROXY customers, we have released build 7 of our game. We'd also like to present what is in store for build 8!

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Build 7 brought in new weapons, effects, enemies and levels to play in addition to a few bug fixes. Moving forward, Pixel Abuse is looking forward to adding even more to the experience as we work towards the
BIG UPDATE which will add in the Mission Adventure Mode.


Build 7 Changes:

  • Added New Track by Orician "Communicate", and one Kevin McLeod Placeholder
  • Added Gatling Laser - High Speed, Inaccurate, High Energy, Medium Damage
  • Added Rail Gun - Slow Fire Rate, Slight Spread Damage, Single Shot Long Range High Damage, Highly Armor Piercing
  • Added Beam Laser - High Speed, Accurate, Low Damage, EMP Damage (good vs Shielded Enemies)
  • Added Banshee Bot - Fast, Med Life/Armor, Alerts other bots to your location, explodes if it gets to close to you
  • Added Blade Bot - Very Fast, Low-Med Life/Armor, Does Damage on Contact after charging
  • Added 19 New Levels - Replacing the old levels totally.
  • Added MIRV power up - Increases the number of missiles per shot you fire (up to a maximum of 6)Added Missile Launch Sound Effects
  • Added New Power up Sound Effects
  • Added Level Titles and Notes which display when entering a new arcade action level
  • Changed Pusher Bots detect Range lowered
  • Changed Pusher Bots Life boosted
  • Changed Pusher Bot slam now pushes you in the direction they were going
  • Fixed Alpha Bot AI - No longer travels to the top left corner
  • Fixed Bot AI In general - Bots will move around a little better with less 'vibrating
  • Fixed Windowed mode resetting when entering options
  • Fixed but still working on Menu responsiveness
  • Removed Right side statistics as upgrading is changing the next mini-update.
  • Added groundwork for the BIG UPDATE and roguelike mission experience

Build 8 Plans (Most of which is in already)

  • New Enemy Sprites all around. Each enemy has been given new sprites that show facing, ability for squad coloring, and special abilities.
  • New Enemy : The Shadow - Shooters are a nuisance, some of them can become invisible! The Shadow
  • New Enemy : The Vampire - Another Shooter Variant which doesn't shoot lasers, but rather drains your PROXY's energy.
  • New PROXY power up upgrade system. The old system will be gone in place of upgrades that have an immediate effect rather than waiting for a cumulative effect.
  • Improved Level Graphics : More variations and detail to each level. The game will definitely not look the same when this is done!
  • Basic Statistic systems. Keep track of shots fired, enemies destroyed, damage taken, and much more. Displayed when you die or complete the levels.
  • All new levels. In order to show off the new level graphics and enemies, all levels in the arcade mode will be thrown out and completely revised!

Come join the PROXY experience!
-The Pixel Abuse Team

claytonmccray - - 24 comments

I don't understand why you guys sell your games when they aren't even full products yet. Why in the world would you /sell/ a game that's in ALPHA? /Alpha/?

It's a demo. You're literately selling a demo.

Don't you want as many people as possible to play-test it? Don't you want as much feedback as possible?

When devs sell their games that are still in alpha/beta, it gives off a big ole' warning bell that you guys are just trying to make a quick buck.

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