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The rivalry between BeskadTech and the WoutenWarship Corporation exploded with the Mandalorian Reformation as both companies tried to become the chief supplier of the military.

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The rivalry between BeskadTech and the WoutenWarship Corporation exploded with the Mandalorian Reformation as both companies tried to become the chief supplier of the military. Naturally not hardware was accepted so entire production lines of powerful military technology was stored at various production facilities and warehouses never to be deployed.


XR-301 >>>Unit<<<
Developed by BeskadTech under the new Mandalorian Reformations the XR-301 is pushing to become the favorite Auxilia unit in the Hegemony military and replace the time tested Battle Legionnaires.

Armed with a durable armor weave and a heavy duty assault rifle the 301 is an effective battle unit.

XR-311 >>>Unit<<<
The XR-311 is created by BeskadTech as a tank on legs and guided by an artificial intelligence. The concept behind the 311 is a Basilisk that is not capable of flight and they have succeeded in reviving that legendary war mount.

Armed with mortars, cannons and repeaters this war machine is a terror to face.

Teroch-class Star Destroyer >>>Unit<<<
The XSD-1, first of the Teroch-class Star Destroyers built by the Mandalorians. It may not look like a traditional Star Destroyer but its makers are also not quite traditional when it comes to ship design.

Yet all the common traits are present. A sturdy hull protected by a powerful shield, a large carrying capacity for Strikecraft and troops and a good command center for operations.

The XSD-1's design also functions as a test bed for future warships and variants, it is inspired by a mixture of the Keldabe-class Battleship and the Kandosii-type Dreadnought.

Fast Attack Frigate >>>Unit<<<
An extremely modern Mandalorian warship developed by BeskadTech along with other new products. The unnamed warship classified as "Fast Attack Frigate" is state of the art with an extremely resilient hull, light shields and powerful engines and weapons.

It is stated that the FAF can quickly engage enemy vessels and decimate them with ease. Once its shields are taken out, the hull has shown to be able to deflect laser blasts at certain times.

Varuna >>>Unit<<<
The Varuna is a warship built around a concept. Many exhausts are installed throughout the ship to dispense heat from its main weapons in order to allow it to fire with increased frequency and thus with relative few arms still be able to outgun enemy warships.

Star Falcon >>>Unit<<<
An evolution of the Besu'liik, it loses its modularity in favour for more powerful engines and a permanent addon of anti-starfighter weapons ranging from various lasers and even miniature Mass Drivers to missiles with all kinds of warheads.

Along with this offensive firepower, it has highly advanced long range scanners allowing it to function as a fast scout as well as a heavy interceptor.

Onderon: An army of XR-301s and XR-311s is stored at a facility outside Iziz. The Varuna is dry docked nearby.

Rhen Var: Six Teroche, twenty Fast Attack Frigates and several wings of Star Falcons are dry docked here.

WoutenWarship Corporation

XM-5 Abiik-type Interceptor >>>Unit<<<
The XM-5 or Abiik-type Interceptor, is a small and agile interceptor with a light hull and light shields and armed with a large payload of missiles and two medium laser cannons.

Its powerful engines propel it forward like a torpedo.

Devil's Tongue >>>Unit<<<
Devil's Tongue-type tanks are highly volatile and dangerous. Two tracks lead the small chassis that holds a large supply of fuel on the back of the vehicle and two large cannons mounted on a rotating turret.

The cannons are flamethrowers, the Devil's Tongue spits a sea of flames over a medium range and burns infantry to ashes and light vehicles to metal heaps.

Its armor is tough enough to withstand small arms and some heavier ordnance as well, medium vehicles and stronger or infantry with anti-weapons should have no trouble dealing with a Devil's Tongue.

Strill-type Corvette >>>Unit<<<
A crude warship, the Strill-type Corvette fires a large volley of missiles at long range akin to artillery warships used during the Galactic Civil War. The Strill does not have much in terms of defence, a medium hull and light shield at most to protect it. It relies on being able to fire outside sensor range.

Its armament consists of many missile tubes and a dozen turbolasers for defence.

XK-7 Araniik-type Battlecruisers >>>Unit<<<
Araniik-type Battlecruisers, also known as XK-7's, are large experimental warships. The design of the Araniik is heavily influenced by the Kedalbe.

Most armaments are concealed beneath retractable armor panels all over the hull. The majority of these are turbolaser and mass driver batteries, though there are also a number of rapid fire missile launchers and ion cannons.

The XK-7 boasts an exceptionally heavy armament. Each of the main guns, a dozen ultra heavy turbolasers, require their own power generators to operate. The armor plating on the hull was designed and manufactured by the most skilled and talented of Mandalorian metalsmiths using many of the same techniques utilized in the forging of beskar. This special armor is extremely durable and can withstand much more than the standard, military-grade durasteel armor found on most warships. It is most commonly utilized as a flagship and is well suited to a counter-dreadnought role, especially when grouped.

Spar Heavy Tank >>>Unit<<<
Named after the famous Mand'alore, Spar, this tank is based on the combination of a former Death Watch IFV and the legendary Canderous MBT, but then upgraded a tenfold.

Armed with two heavy cannons that can crack the toughest of targets, missiles to either finish the job or to protect it from aerial units to some extent and two repeating blasters for anti-infantry purposes it is an all round and nearly all powerful tank.

The armor protecting the five men crew of two gunners, driver, communications officer and commander is strong enough to take a beating from several PLX missiles, even its threads are protected. This all make it a very slow tank but one that is very capable of defending itself and causing enemies to rout when they sight this behemoth.

Taris: Two Araniike with several wings of Abiike is stored in an underground facility.

Botajef: An army of Spar tanks and Devil Tongues is stored in a facility here.

Null: Thirteen Strill are dry docked here.

Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

BT: XR-301, XR-311, Teroch, FAF, Varuna and Star Falcon.
WWC: Abiik, Devil's Tongue, Strill, Araniik, Kandosii and Spar.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

WWC: Taris, Botajef and Null.
BT: Onderon and Rhen Var.

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