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Attention all Imperial Personal! Check out this new article of great importance............. ................. .................

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From: Captain of the Shadow Guard Ori'verda
To: All Imperial personal
Subject: Promotions and Positions in Armed Forces
Classification: Unrestricted

Several members have shown potential for promotions. They are as follows:

---------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
DeadRanger4Ever is a great recent addition to our rising Empire. Giving him a higher rank would maybe inspire others to follow his lead.

infantryspec This man is THE most annoying person in the Empire, BUT he deserves his promotion for his services to the Empire. Which include: Providing Morale boosting speeches, providing intel and providing me with amusement.

Darth^Xerstorung brilliant! There seems to be no person more fanatic and loyal to the Dark Side as Lord Vader calls it then him... And the Emperor off course.

SWLover123456 Wise in Council and trustworthy, record keeper of a Holoron some dubbed "Who has a bigger Lightsaber" guide.

TheGalacticMarine Normal trooper, needs a promotion and maybe it will show more of his potential.

Clonetrooper_1139 A fine soldier, smart and sharp. Giving him a promotion would have about the same effect as promoting DeadRanger4Ever but on the older members. A very valuable asset to the Empire.

Armed Forces.

Pol0202 - General of the 501st
darthmalgus - Admiral of the 501st
MandoBardanJusik - 501st Field Commander
CommanderRex - 501st Field Commander
delta289 - 501st Stormtrooper
CaptainMazerolle - 501st Stormtrooper
CaptainRegor - 501st Stormtrooper
Five open positions for Stormtroopers.

AxisWarMachine - General of the 7th Kozar Brigade
One open position for Admiral,
Two open positions for Field Commander and
Eight open positions for Stormtroopers

One open position for General
One open position for Admiral,
Two open positions for Field Commander and
Eight open positions for Stormtroopers

deathheater5 - General of the 212th
One open position for Admiral,
Two open positions for Field Commander and
Eight open positions for Stormtroopers

Remember, the Shadow Guard are watching.

AxisWarMachine - - 98 comments

Nice !!! We need more man !!! :D

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

The recruit my friend!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Guardian14 - - 1,019 comments

I actually don't have a rank or anything. I feel like a Civy. Maybe I need a better press agent. lol just kidding. I enlisted but haven't received any notification to where you need me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CommanderCody212 - - 1,099 comments

Just keep your eyes open for when you think we'll need it.

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Ori`verda Author
Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

Actually if you wish to join a battlegroup just ask and I watch for new members every day and when I see sufficient numbers then I update everyone.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guardian14 - - 1,019 comments

well I'm always ready for a fight, sign me up

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ATOMICKIWI - - 4,115 comments

thnks for the annoying part i thought no one observed that

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
ATOMICKIWI - - 4,115 comments

btw you can put in some medals award you know

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Royal_Guard - - 37 comments

I would gladly fill in any of the open positions for Stormtroopers. Death to all those who oppose the Emperor. My life for the Emperor!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
imperator277 - - 152 comments

I wish to answer the call and fulfill the post of admiral for the 41st. I may be a newbie but I am willing to prove my worth. Should you feel another is more worthy of fulling the role, I will step aside so another may fill it. DUTY. HONOR. EMPIRE!

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