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In this update I report the current status of the project and show some screens of a to-scale orbital elevator.

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Just checking in for long-time followers of the project. Unfortunately development of the Outerra engine seems to have stopped entirely so I can not progress until it does. Switching engine is never something desirable but if progress is still glacial by the time I finish my PhD in May I will commit in earnest to learning Unreal Engine 4. I've done a few tutorials and it's quite robust. It would mean swapping the USP of a 1:1 planet with that of procedural ship destruction. If we're lucky maybe TitanIM, Outerra's commercial cousin, will have more information on their release.

Orbital Elevator  - 25/01/15

In the mean time I've been playing around with my already completed assets and created an orbital elevator. A city the size of Lower Manhattan serves as its base and a 500 km elevator shaft connects it to a station in orbit that is larger than the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.

Orbital Elevator  - 25/01/15

It was always my intention that after the first stable build I would use EVE Online's space stations as mini-bosses before you assaulted the planet proper. I also hope to combine the game's modular station interiors into mini-levels for boarding parties.


That sucks, I hope it works out ok, thank you for the update and your dedication to the project!

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