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A thanks to anyone who stumbles across this site!

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Hi all, Jenza here.

First off, thanks for coming to take a look. This project is a hobby of mine as I do have a full time job and this is just something I have been wanting to make for a long time now and I finally will.

So what is Dragon Plane? Well its a game built in RPG Maker MV that will be about a young lad who finds himself in possession of a dragon egg. His choices from that point will change how the game proceeds drastically. Should he smash the egg? Dragons can be dangerous after all. Should he raise the dragon? If so, how will he raise the dragon? All these choices shall have an impact on the game and some decisions may indeed kill our hero.

So it will take me a while to make. What I uploaded is what did over one weekend but there is more to come!


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