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No, it's not about jets as the preview image may imply, it's a co-op FPS about cops & robbers.

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Raptor is the codename for a mod we're about to start working on that involves bank heists, kidnappings, assassinations, and anything else that fits the gameplay style. At its core, it's basically about living the fantasy of being in the famous robbery and shootout in Heat.

We made a prototype back in 2009:

We've decided to start working on it again, but instead as an actual playable and polished mod instead of just a prototype. Once we finalize the real name, we'll setup the Mod DB page, web site, forums, and start recruiting more devs.

Keep an eye on the Controlled Chaos Media group for more info. Also check out the prototype's web site for more media.

SnakeTheFox - - 379 comments

"No, it's not about jets..."

Total betrayal.

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trepid_jon Author
trepid_jon - - 11 comments

Hahha, well at least I said it right off the bat in the summary, so it shouldn't sting too much. Besides, there could be jets in the mod, who knows what kind of levels could end up being made.

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ravaholm - - 24 comments


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Aurel_Tristen - - 121 comments

Wow! That prototype looked very well done! If that was just a prototype, I can't wait to see what 'polished' is for you guys! I'll be following this mod.

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hate4uall - - 702 comments

so much win

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

First off:

Absolutely incredible concept! I have fiddled with ideas like this for ages, like so many others, imagining how a game like this would make for the perfect co-op gameplay.

You have done some incredible work, on the prototype alone, regarding both feeling and gameplay elements and have no doubt created a really fun game, already now.

I was excited already before I started watching the video and mostly I am just as excited as before


Any good robber knows that after robbing a bank you better get the *hell* out of there - Where is the CAR CHASE?! Such an obvious Co-op gameplay element, to have to choose the best drivers 'n get back to a hideout / get away from the cops. Co-op is only truly visible when players depend on each other, to do their job.

TLDR: wrote: Awesome concept.
Great execution.
Where are the car chases?

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InvertedVantage - - 92 comments

This is is one of the objectives to keep any civilians from escaping the bank while the robbery is underway? That'd be pretty nifty - the more people that get out, the shorter the time you have until the cops arrive.

One of the problems you might have in the future is keeping it'll have to come up with some really interesting and varied scenarios for each bank.

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ValuedRug - - 10 comments

"you'll have to come up with some really interesting and varied scenarios for each bank"

Yes, we haven't announced a major part of the game that addresses this. It's something very unique, and slightly crazy to even undertake. Sorry I can't say more yet!

And indeed, if robbers let certain things happen like letting civvies escape, it affects the game directly. Both teams will be making choices like this that have dramatic effects on the game.

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Computica - - 692 comments

OK, when I saw the smoke grenade I was sold right there.

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beckett007 - - 22 comments

IT DEFINITELY IS A TRAP! lol The music and sound sure does sound kick ***... wonder who did that?

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bobalong131 - - 154 comments

This looks like it's going to be amazing!

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Kyben - - 94 comments

This mod looks awesome! I'd play it

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KortalMombat - - 391 comments

Great, now everyones gonna start calling my mod a copycat...

Even though this looks so great and our playstyles are gonna be different and mine was announced ages before public knew about this, i just know its gonna happen.

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trepid_jon Author
trepid_jon - - 11 comments

It's on greenlight now

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