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I stopped working on this project december 2010, not knowing how long the break would last.

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I stopped working on this project december 2010, not knowing how long the break would last. The reasons for stopping were several ones: lack of motivation, problems with the editor i couldnt fix, lots of stuff to do for university, language localization problems and uploading problems due to the in my opinion bad bnet system and my super slow internet.

After stopping my Sc2 chapter i went back to my Wc3 project "WoW Arena Allstars" and made some new updates for it. Now, in june 2011, it seems like the wc3 community for that map has declined so hard that there is barely anything left. I know some people still like the map and play it, but there is just no community left. So it seems i wont spend anymore work on that map, since its pointless to update the map when nobody plays it.

Now that i have some spare time i could and would like to spend it on something, and im thinking about investing it in the sc2 editor. Im not sure yet wether i will pick up on this Sc2 project again or something else (maybe something like diablo 3?) but i will decide in the next few days.

I just wanted to inform you so you know what happened to this project and what will happen in the future. (the sad thing is that so much of the map is already finished, it just has some significant problems that prevent it from going live :(


FlaminGhooliGan - - 1 comments

Hello Catze, I am a huge fan of your games and I would like you to continue your updating on either the warcraft version or starcraft 2 version for it is a a great mod in my eyes.

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Catzee Author
Catzee - - 3 comments

hm i havent touched the sc2 editor since the last post i made here last summer.
i could do an update for the warcraft 3 version, since its easy and fast, but i have not been into real wow for a long time and so i dont know about all the class changes.

when you think of an update for the wc3 version, what do you think of? new different spells and class rework? other gameplay?other gamemodes?
i dont know if i will do it, just curious what your ideas are :)

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