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Enemy Groups and Fragments of Darkness, Update Notes - The new version of Project One features something from a very early release of the game, which was later removed - Enemy Groups.

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Enemy Groups and Fragments of Darkness

The new version of Project One features something from a very early release of the game, which was later removed - Enemy Groups.

After beating the last boss of an area, you unlock the Classic Run mission. There you fight against various groups of enemies with different attacks and behaviors. In between are the bosses and mission events, which will challenge you throughout the entire run.

Enemy 01 Enemy 02 Enemy 03 Enemy 04 Enemy 05

In this game type, bosses don't drop power items, (currently) every 6th destroyed enemy does. You retain your power level until the end of the mission up to a maximum of 300%. At this point the whole fighting gets really fast and intense. To make it a bit more fair, bosses drop repair items, which regenerate some of your armor.

Rewards for those missions are not yet implemented, but the first Classic Run and first three bosses are unlocked from the beginning in the current version to test them. (equipment from those bosses is not unlocked)

Project One - Area 02 (music by Alex Beroza)

Another big change is the implementation of the Fragments of Darkness (or dark bullets).

Some of the standard-bullets the enemies and bosses shoot are dark now. You can collect them and instead of getting damage you increase your score multiplier. When reaching x10.0 you enter darkmode and get increased firerate and reduced collision range.

Every damaging hit you take halves your multiplier, and dropping below x5.0 removes the darkness again. You benefit more from the fragments when outside of darkmode and doing damage also increases your multiplier.

v0.8.6 (2013-04-29)

  • General
    • Implemented Classic Run with enemy groups between bosses
    • Implemented Boss 02-03 Leviathan
    • Added additional names to all bosses
  • Gameplay
    • Implemented dark bullets (fragments), which spawn instead of some normal bullets and can be collected, increase modifier and activate darkmode
    • Implemented timelimit for boss fights (mainly as bugfix)
    • Items move only vertically now
    • Equipment
      • Implemented highlighting of new equipment
      • Weapons
        • First upgrade for the Pulse Cannon available
      • Ships
        • Franka the polar bear available as player ship
        • Implemented color-reset
    • Interface
      • Current weapon-power visible
  • Menu
    • Improved the ingame screens (intro, fail, success, score) to be more arcade-like
    • Last score and time visible on the fail screen
    • Better highscore display on the mission menu
    • Implemented cursor graphics and gamepad/joystick control
  • Graphics
    • Changed and improved some special effects
    • Increased background speed
    • Inverted shading is only applied now when the boss is in darkmode
    • Improved the text sharpness
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed wrong crash decals on rotating background
    • Fixed wrong rendering of the world map on some video cards
    • Fixed strange mouse movements on Linux
    • Fixed wrong library access on Linux
Project One v0.8.6 (2013-04-29)
Version: 0.8.6 (2013-05-13)

Thank you
- Martin

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