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Project focusing on Modeling, Rigging, Texturing and Balancing Naval Units for use with Command & Conquer Total Annihilation.

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Project Naval
Command & Conquer Total Annihilation
Total Conversion


This Project was started to put all effort on creating as well as re-creating most of Total Annihilation's Naval Units. Thus far 10 Naval Units are on the To-Do List. These excludes Construction Ships as well as Submarines and Carriers.

Those Ships will most likely be added later on. I just don't see them as any high priority for the time being.

List of Ships to be Implemented:

Seeker, Tech 1, Scout Ship, 1 Dual-Barreled Laser Turret.
Crusader, Tech 1, Destroyer, 1 Dual-Barreled Medium Cannon, 1 Depth Charge Bay.
Ranger, Tech 2, Missile Ship, 1 Small Rapid-Firing Missile Bay, 2 Rocket Launchers.
Conqueror, Tech 3, Cruiser, 1 Triple-Barreled Heavy Cannon, 1 Depth Charge Bay.
Millennium, Tech 3, Battleship, 2 Triple-Barreled Heavy Cannons.


Searcher, Tech 1, Scout Ship, 1 Dual-Barreled Laser Turret, 1 Small Missile Bay.
Enforcer, Tech 1, Destroyer, 1 Dual-Barreled Medium Cannon, 1 Depth Charge Bay.
Missile Frigate, Tech 2, Missile Ship, 1 Small Rapid-Firing Missile Bay, 2 Rocket Launchers.
Executioner, Tech 3, Cruiser, 1 Triple-Barreled Gatling Cannon, 1 Depth Charge Bay.
Warlord, 1 Triple-Barreled Heavy Cannon, 1 Triple-Barreled Gatling Laser Turret.

Obstacle(s) to Overcome:

Muzzle Bones:
As usual my biggest Obstacle’s the amount of Muzzle Bones. I've got no experience within the aspect of Coding. Thus I can’t give any direct answer whether it's possible or not. Considering this is a Total Conversion, I’m pretty sure it’s possible but hard to do.

Currently the Engine's limited to 4 Muzzle Bones - These being MuzzleA0/1 and MuzzleB0/1. The Muzzle Bones are the actual position where the Projectile is created and fired from. All this means you can only have a maximum of 2 Barrels per Weapon(Primary and Secondary). Well, of course you can have 3 or more, but the Projectile will only be launched from a maximum of 2 Barrels. Would look quite weird on a 4-Barreled Cannon, wouldn't it?

Class Descriptions

Scout Ship(T1):
Fast and Agile. This Class is only used for Reconnaissance Missions. They have a very weak layer of Armor for Protection. Thus they are shot down easily by most Units. They are, however, equipped with Minor Armaments for further Protection. Yet, these Ships are not to be underestimated. Groups of these might become very difficult to destroy, as they're very fast and agile. If driven by an Experienced Captain - Most incoming fire could be dodged.

These are the only Ships in the Tier 1 Fleet that can actually deliver quite the punch. Fitted with Medium-Sized Cannon and a Depth Charge Bay - This Class is a constant threat for Ground Units as well as Submarines. Although the Depth Charges can be hard to use, they're the only Protection you've got against Submarines, would you rather be without it? Thought so. However. This Class haven't got the thickest layer of Armor, but it sure can sustain a lot more damage than the Scout Class. These are quite Bulky and not very Agile, but hey, usually - they get the Job done. Or part of it.

Missile Ship(T2):
A Medium-Sized Ship fitted with Long-Range Rockets. What more could you ask for to destroy those annoying Base Defenses that have been taking out several of your Team's Ground Units? This Class is fitted with a Rocket Launcher Bay, which will fire 2 Long-Range Rockets. However, don't think it's as easy as making Noodles. After these Rockets are fired, they will descend in an arc.

These Ships are also fitted with a Small Rapid-Firing Missile Bay to protect themselves from potential threats. However, it doesn't do that much damage. But it might just be enough to keep your Long-Range Ship of Mass Destruction alive. And yes, it'll work against Aircraft.

Pretty much All-In-One, including Price. Although they might cost much, they're definitely worth it. They've got all you need, especially Firepower. These are mounted with Heavy Cannons plus a Depth Charge Bay. This Class is slightly Slower than the Destroyer Class, but maneuvers about the same.

Beast. Brutal. Ultimate. Overpower? I'm not really sure how to explain this Class. It have got an extremely thick layer of Armor. Incredible Firepower and Moderate to Long Range. Although it can't protect itself against Submarines and Aircraft, it can sustain a hell of a lot of fire before going down. If this unit is backed up by other Naval Units against Submarines and Aircraft - The Enemy Team have pretty much lost The Game.
Still not that easy though. It's incredibly slow and maneuvers like... God knows what! And not to speak about the Price. You'd better be a god damned good Player to earn enough resources for this Beast.And... I guess that pretty much all I've got to say at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading this! And stay tuned for further Updates!

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I read that as "Project Natal In Progress", now that'd be shocking.

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Yeah, it'd be cool if this had support for Kinect. Heh :P

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