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The first official post for this project.

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Hello and welcome to the first post of Project Halo in Quake. As you can tell by the title this is Halo but made in Quake. Im very new to quake modding but I’ve heard it’s pretty easy. I don’t expect this to be the next solitude but I expect it to be good enough.

Why the name Halo in Quake:

I personally can’t think of name for the project so for now it’s Halo in Quake. This is 100% going to change because Halo in Quak isn’t original.

What I intend to do:

I intend to add features from the halo series into qauke. This includes mutiplayer, single player, and campaign. I don’t want to make look like past halo games do. I want it to have it’s own original look. However I want the game to feel like halo 3 or reach so it’s fimilar to halo fans. I want it to have it’s own story even if it’s very short. The game will mostly like be a pc only but I am open to port it to psp after the game is finished.

What I have done:

Ive so far done really nothing on the project besides resurching quake mods and thinking of designs of guns and stuff. I do have a friend who said they would work on the campaign side of things.

Before I go, if you are reading this, this project has like an 75% chance of not happening. I’ve started projects in the past only to canncl them because of lack of motivation. Hopely this won’t reach the some fate but only God knows what will happen.

Any ways I’ll see you next time hopfully


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