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In this article I will tell you about new information related to Project Capture.

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Sooner than in a month after the last post we've got something to say about our project. Read till the end this time, because the last paragraph of this post is really important for us.

First, the camera script was improved. How exactly? Until now, the camera was, simply put, “too scripted”. It could capture only certain cubes placed on the map and nothing else. From now on, you can capture any object you want, and it will stay in the memory of the camera!

Second, we're working on the next parts of the map pack. We've implemented the object scaling mechanic with the newscript, and it works just fine. You can walk on enlarged or miniaturized objects freely, just like if it was their actual size. No tricks, just fair scaling. In the close future (after the Part 3 release), you'll be able to use this feature!

Third, we've prepared a small demo video which shows you a part of the work we've managed to do. Watch it here:

And, finally, fourth! We're hiring! Who do we need?

· 3D-modellers

· Texture artists

· Particle Designer

· Astronauts, war heroes, Olympians

We want the best, and you're it! Who is ready to make some science? If you are, then leave an application here. We'll review all your requests and write you back. The video demo is in the previous paragraph. You won't get any salary though, because CropFactor Team is just a company of people who are really enthusiastic about the project.

That's all we wanted to tell you. The Part 3 is gonna be released soon, so wait for it! See ya.

UPD. Both parts of Project Capture will be temporarily unavailable on the workshop. I'm doing this because of the radical change of mechanics to a new and bugs that appeared in the last update due to my inattention.

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Musie_(MyCbEH) - - 231 comments

Since "thinking with time machine", this is the first portal 2 modding project that creates completely new and unique game mechanics. Its progressive.

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laVashik Author
laVashik - - 78 comments

The funny thing is that both TWTM and PCapture authors are Russian.

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oyqea-ntrtaynmnt-llc - - 166 comments

Huh. The more you know.

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thesillytestbox - - 4 comments

good work! this is the best mod i ever seen

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