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Project Capture" is being transformed into a full mod for "Portal 2." The new version will include reworked test chambers, new puzzles, and updated content. Modders will also have access to an SDK to create their own maps. The mod will be released on Steam, bringing new excitement to the "Portal 2" community

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Important news guys!

The simple fact that you know about our mappack means that you're also aware of its main feature… and we're not talking about the one that it's almost the only project with a fully-working F-Stop mechanics which can be tried and fully felt. The one we mean is that our pack stores new weapons, new mechanics, new voice lines, and even new subtitles just in the format of a Steam Workshop mappack. However, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, so we must declare that…

Since today, Project Capture is being developed as a fully-fledged modification! As someone would say, an era has just ended…

Why? The statistics of the last two parts are… well, they could really be better. And that's pretty understandable – the development was quite long and, let's be honest, for some people, our comparative inactivity in the Portal 2's Workshop could mean that our project is dead. We've decided that it's better to develop a complete mod with all the content inside. In that case, we'll be able to provide you with a whole lotta sneak peeks, you will be more interested in Project Capture, and the result will be worth it (worth it, not worst!.. we hope…). Also, we think that it will be easier to manage time while developing such a project – the picture of the whole mod in our minds will be as clear as possible, we'll know exactly what to add and what to fix, and as a result, the project itself will look holistically.

In the fully-fledged mod, the design of all test chambers will be reworked once again, the first four chamber will even be rebuilt from scratch, and the testing track, no doubts, will be filled with new puzzles so the adventures of our unnamed character go on. Also, there's some good news for modders: when the updated PCapture releases, you will be able to get the SDK, just for you to be able to create your own maps… or something even bigger! Our project will be probably released on Steam, so it will be possible for you to upload your creations right on Workshop without any big problems.

Stay tuned! Yours, laVashik & CropFactor Team.

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Sounds like a logical step - looking forward to it :)

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