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Comrade Matt and Comrade Ivan have been kind enough to show videos regarding our mod. Thumbnail is a screenshot of Comrade Ivan's YouTube video.

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It's me, FiveFiveSix, the co-dev of Project-80 and primary coder of the mod (which means I bring whatever the main dev, Ruemc puts, into life and make the gameplay and system and all). Our friends, Comrade Matt and Comrade Ivan, have been kind enough to do videos showcasing our mod. Be sure to check these out, and they will upload more videos regarding the mod, so it may be beneficial for you to subscribe to their YouTube channels.

Comrade Matt's P80 Showcase

Comrade Ivan's P80 DDR vs FRG

Comrade Ivan's P80 Soviet Army vs US Army

Interesting to note from the USSR vs US footage from Comrade Ivan's gameplay:

1) That T-72B was lucky to not get completely destroyed by the enemy tank.

2) That BTR was most likely taken out by a LAW.

3) That M2A1 Bradley had a real good gunner. The T-72B was lucky that the Bradley didn't have TOW-2A ATGMs, but instead TOW-2 which isn't HEAT-Tandem. The Kontakt-1 ERA did its job in preventing the missile from penetrating.

Mod progress, as the usual, getting more stuff put in, fixing bugs, localization, ensuring the things kill other things properly, yada yada yada. We ought to get US, USSR, West and East German factions to be done before we get the mod to go public, at least that's the plan.

Just a reminder -- we do not care about balancing units, factions, nor performance, not even for multiplayer once we've done that. Thus we aim to make things as they are and closer to how they would behave realistically. War isn't fair after all ;)

Credits to Comrade Matt and Comrade Ivan for supporting us and showcasing our project.

Happy hunting.

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