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All features in the mod summary are completed except for the following.

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*The specialized map for the zombie gameplay. (With a city, residential, and industrial sector all combined in one map.)
*Interiors to all buildings in the map.
*Special missions for the player while playing the game. (Automated Anti Air that the player must take down, special kits, breakable doors, air radio for additional reinforcements)
*A complete navmesh of the map, including stairs
*grid point CPs that capture instantly for the Zombie AI Commander simulate zombie attacks.
*special holdout CPs that have a higher AI priority that the player can optionally secure in order to gain additional reinforcements/reinforcements via foot.
*Medkits/(Food) and Ammo boxes placed around the map at random (which last forever but must recharge after use)
*A even better ingame camera switch system.
*Infection gamemode where if a human bot gets killed by a zombie, they move into the zombie side. (This can be reset by calling in the radio.)
*Zombies able to attack vehicles.

*Special Kits
-Special Automated Defense Kit (deployable turrets, motion mine, pistol, shotgun)
-Medic(Medikit, pistol)
-Squad Leader Kit(Squad Spawn Beacon, pistol, shotgun, rifle, frag)
-Demolition(rdx explosives/C4, frag, shotgun, smg)
-SWAT Kit(Machine Gun, deployable shield barriers, pistol, frag)
-Ninja Kit(Katana, Special Pistol, Frag, Smoke Frag, )

To those who are keeping an eye on this mod,
Our development process is ongoing at the forum links below.


I may have missed it but after a good 5 mins searching! :P is there a download for this mod anywhere? XD

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