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it'd be polite to post some news from time to time on the progress of our game.

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Hi everyone,
We thought it'd be polite to post some news from time to time on the progress of our game.
Currently, we have most of the game down in code, it runs, it plays, and it works. We've got bosses to work on and some extra features to implement. There's a lot of code in the works here, so we'll be cleaning that up over the next couple of days. After that we're planning on adding some extra variety and more replay-ability to the game. Then it's polish polish polish!

We've currently held off on a release date, so far. And this is because we don't want to make a promise we can't deliver. The game is on here, which means we aren't too far off. But we aren't going to speculate a date until we can see that light at the end of the tunnel. Besides that, we want you to receive the best possible experience from the game, and that means making sure that everything is as smooth and polished as possible.
But on that note, we want to add that we aren't going to say "be patient" or "It'll be done when it's done", and not turn up with the goods for years. We're getting there, it's done when it's done but it'll be out soon.

If you've got any questions, ideas or comments on our debut title. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail to or message us here on Desura.

Thanks for reading.
WeSurrender Games

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