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Another day has passed and some decent progress has been made, focusing on the upper level of the Station.

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After getting the lighting to a good general liking, we decided it was time to add the train and some effects along with it. All of which make this entire mod look very promising to us, and we're all still very excited- troll remarks aside. Criticism is a good thing, and we do pay attention to it when it's constructive. If you don't like something or something just seems off, say it and we'll see what we can do to make it a better FFVII experience.
Continuing after the train and effects, we decided to work on the archway that Cloud exits from to meet AVALANCHE. This was particularly fun and and came out really well for the concept. We touched up a few things and optimized the space and sizes of the props and brushes.
Yes, this is happening- sorry Trolls. Yes, it's an FPS; not to be lazy, but to showcase the brilliance of FF7's world from Cloud's perspective, without the pesky Turn-Based fighting style. For some of you, that's not much of an upgrade, but we as a whole really liked the concept and potential. Hopefully within the next few weeks with the plenty of updates we will be giving, you will start to feel the same. And also, we WILL be staying as true to the story as possible. Every detail from the original will be seen in ours: from the trainstation, to the chocobo races in the Golden Saucer, to the fight with Sephiroth himself, all of it.
We thank all of you for your support, and even criticism. Hopefully this project turns out to be more than what a lot of you hope, and can be a truly fun experience for all. More updates will be coming soon, we promise.

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