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Some efficient progress and a hate for VGUI does a good news report make.

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Ba-jebus I hate voice acting. But it is done, alongside finding open source psychedelic instrumentals for the background. Because who doesn't love open source psychedelic instrumentals?

The mapping is progressing pretty quickly, and soon I should be able to have The Walls in a playable state, which is excellent because I know there are definitely possibly maybe bugs there. I just need to find them.

The textures however are proving more difficult to make authentic, and creating a text VGUI interface within the Source engine is proving quite complex, judge me all you want. It's progressing though, and should be finished within the next few weeks (the VGUI interface, not the mod.) Then it will be done! And I will dance with relief.

There's surprisingly little here for a news post I suppose, but news it be, so there it was. If anyone does feel like improving their Karma and donating assistance, the best thing you could do is to let me know if you encounter any free-to-use eerie instrumentals which sound like they might gel well with a tale about a mentalist. Oh, and I added forums. Feel free to use them to discuss The Walls or conceal spyware. Whichever you prefer.

Thanks for reading, don't forget to hit "Watch."

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