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We have been working on getting most of the parts models for the demo completed and are nearly there.

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We have been working feverishly on getting most of the parts for the demo completed. In many ways this is the first real push from an art perspective. Just like real engines, a lot of these parts can be reused in their original forms across all engines in the game, such as the pistons, con rods, carburetters etc. Other parts such as the heads, blocks and cranks require work to produce the various other engine types.
The picture below (click to enlarge) shows the myriad of options available to you within the Engine Designer Demo. The demo only relates to the Inline 4 engine configuration; the full game will of course cover a wide range of configurations. While it will not be covered in the first release of the demo, the game will also cover various forced induction. We know how much people love their turbo 4 bangers and you will get them!
I would love to think we are in the last month of working on the demo, but we are believers in releasing something we are happy with so it will probably blow out. Being independent allows us to take the time, care and attention to detail to make a great product.

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