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Good afternoon everyone! I hope everybody is having a wonderful Tuesday so far and enjoying the Summer as best they can! It's time for another Progress Report!

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Getting right down to it, the biggest changes here are how the player (you) will experience the South Side of the town "Jossan's Edge". Before in the Alpha, there wasn't much direction on where to go for the Story to move forward and it left some of the testers feeling lost around the early to late portions of the game. That has been completely reworked. There is now a more streamlined tutorial explaining what different shops are, what they sell, and how to tell them apart directly through a Story Event which ties into a new plot point not seen in the Alpha that kicks the greater adventure off.

In terms of smaller changes and updates, Oracho Poxu has a new Sprite Sheet and we have a new enemy design for a cutscene that I cannot obviously give away. It will ruin the surprise! ;)

To all those that have found CrossLust through the SuNoFes 2022 Game Jam, thank you for stopping by as progress is being made and seeing what the game currently has to offer. Just checking my work out means the world to me and I am thrilled to see more people trying out the Demo in anticipation of the Public Beta release.

I look forward to continuing my work and these updates to get you guys hyped!

-Lance Leeder (Lanket)

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